Module Rufus::SQS

  1. lib/rufus/sqs.rb


public class

  1. get_element_text

Classes and Modules

Class Rufus::SQS::Message
Class Rufus::SQS::Queue
Class Rufus::SQS::QueueService

Public class methods

get_element_text (parent_elt, elt_name)

A convenience method for returning the text of a sub element, maybe there is something better in REXML, but I haven’t found out yet.

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     # File lib/rufus/sqs.rb, line 428
428:   def SQS.get_element_text (parent_elt, elt_name)
430:     e = parent_elt.elements[elt_name]
431:     return nil unless e
432:     e.text.to_s
433:   end